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Intentions are much more than writing down a few words on a piece of paper! When done correctly, your intentions have the ability of powerfully manifesting into your reality in perfect timing. When you make strong intentions at the beginning of the year, it sets your entire year in motion and you energetically lay the foundation bricks down, ready to be realized into your reality. In this workshop, you'll learn the process to not only set, but launch your most powerful intentions for 2018.

Do you want to be healthier? Do you want a new job? Do you want a loving relationship? Do you want to make more money? Sure, this workshop helps you to make all those intentions that you dream and desire and will help to create a better reality for you to experience. You must first understand that you are creating your reality.

But even more powerful, this workshop will help you to make the intention to step into your purpose.

The energy of 2018 will be one of awakening, renewal and realization. The energy moving into 2018 and the energy of 2018 is supporting all individuals on this planet to step into their purpose and life mission. Now is the time! This is an essential time for you to step into your purpose, if you feel you are ready to. And no, you don't even need to know what your purpose is! All you'll know is that you feel it in your heart that you're ready for more, and you're ready to contribute to the greater good of all - and this comes in all forms! And if you feel you are ready, then you are! Because every one of us holds our purpose within us, just waiting to be realized. Once you make the intention to step into your purpose, then the Universe conspires to bring it into realization - in a way that best fits you and what you are looking for. This very thing happened to me, and you can read my story below!

This is a 4-day mini-course. You'll receive an email everyday for 4 days with the link to the next video lesson.

In this free workshop, you will learn:

  • Day 1: the 3-Step process to set intentions for releasing old, blocked energy and what does not serve you

  • Day 2: the 4-Step process for making and launching powerful intentions and goals so that they're on their way towards realization and manifestation;

  • Day 3: the 3-Step process to set the most powerful intention for finding and stepping into your purpose

  • the importance of Intention, but the power of Inspiration

On Day 4, we will end the workshop with a mini guided meditation to align with the intentions we set in this workshop, as well as launch those intentions out into the Universe.


The reason I am so passionate about teaching you how to make powerful intentions to step into your purpose is because I have experienced it first hand. About 1 year ago, on January 1, 2017, I made the intention to step into my purpose. I had no idea what my purpose what, and in fact I was really struggling with what my future was going to look like. I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but all I knew was that I didn't want to be working at my 9-5 corporate job for much longer. I was ready for more, and I felt in my heart that I was meant to be doing more with my life - whatever it was!

After making my 2017 intention to step into my purpose, I then worked to just allow it in - whatever "it" was. This involved a process of aligning with Moon energy, harmonizing more with nature, releasing energetic and Subconscious blockages that no longer served me, and just holding a huge amount of love and trust. Within 3 months time, I was receiving my certificate as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner. 3 months after that, I was booked solid for the entire Summer and early Fall with client sessions, and after that, I was receiving downloads for course creations based on everything that I had gone through. As I look back, everything in my entire year revolved around me stepping into my purpose, and everything happened at perfect timing - even though I would NEVER have guessed this is where I would be - with things continuously unfolding as I continue to make more and more intentions to support the unfolding.

When you make the intention to step into your purpose and then take the inspired next steps, your year can be magical!

Join me in making powerful intentions in 2018!


Jessica is a Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner and all around Free Spirit. Her practice incorporates past life soul regression, intuitive coaching, sound healing, Reiki, guided meditations, and the practice of Ho’oponopono (which means forgiveness in Hawaiian) in order to release old thought patterns and restore past, present and future timelines. She also offers online Soul Regression sessions and workshops for soul expansion.

Jessica was born and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii where her deeply-rooted connection with nature, the land, and Ancient Hawaiian and Japanese culture began at a very early age. She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.