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Intuitive Guidance Card Readings


FREE Weekly Group Readings + Moon Readings

I'm offering FREE weekly group Intuitive Guidance Card readings as well as New Moon Cycle card readings on the Intuitive Collective Community Facebook Group.

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Private Individual Readings

For a limited time, I'm offering private individual Intuitive Guidance Card readings at a very affordable price. I pull cards from several different decks in which I feel called to do so regarding your general energy or a specific question(s) you may have. I work with my Spirit Team and connect to your Spirit Team and energy in order to pull the information that is most relevant to you. I am guided by intuition and messages from Spirit. This will be a pre-recorded session and you will receive the recording to your inbox. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your recording.

General energy reading:

25 mins | $25

Personal Moon Cycle Reading:

25 mins | $25


1 Question (~10 mins) | $15
3 Questions (~20 mins) | $25


General Energy Reading + 1 Question (~30 mins) | $35
General Energy Reading + 3 Questions (~40 mins) | $45

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