Preparing for your Session


List of questions

Prior to your session, prepare a list of questions/concerns you would like to ask your "Higher Self". Bring it with you to your session. Please type them out or write neatly. These questions should be about you and your journey (not anybody else's). Start with the most important questions first and try to limit your questions to ~20. There are many reasons why a person seeks a QHHT session - health, relationships, career, or life purpose-related. There are also people who seek answers to questions regarding the new Earth, ascension, shifting frequencies, "Universal/metaphysical"-related. Here are a few categories and example questions you may want to consider:


What is my purpose? How can I get on the path of my highest purpose?
Should I move locations? Where to?
May I receive some insight on a
spiritual experience/dream/contact/etc.


Am I currently with the right person?
Why do I have such a difficult relationship with a family member (mother, father, sibling, etc.)?
What is the purpose of [name]'s relationship in my life?


Am I on the right path regarding my career?
What should I be doing as my career?

Should I quit my job?
I am having creative blocks - what can I do to get past them?


I have a health condition (allergy, illness, pain, injury) - why do I have this and does it serve a purpose?
What should my diet look like?
What is preventing me from losing weight?
Why am I having allergic reactions to certain foods?


Set your intention

Once you have decided to schedule a session, begin preparing yourself by setting your intention to have a successful session. The moment you take the step towards receiving a Past Life Regression and communication with your Higher Self, the greater part of you begins to open you up so that you have the best experience possible. Receive the energies, questions and thoughts that come to you. Say to yourself:

"I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self".

Understanding that the greater part of you exists within you, not separate, makes connecting with it more easier - therefore making communication with it during the session flow more freely.

Spend some time connecting with your highest vibrational thoughts (they usually come from your Higher Self!), doing inner reflection work, and journaling your dreams. Reflect on the reasons why you decided to have this session (Health related? Relationships related? Life path related? and/or Spiritually related?).

Relax + Meditate

On the day of your session, take a few moments to relax, quiet the mind and/or meditate once you wake up and right before your session. I would recommend you take a short walk or spend some time in nature before your session so you can ground yourself, relax, and open your heart and mind. You can also sit and do some breathing exercises, and/or light yoga and stretches. Meditate upon your intentions: "I will have a successful session today. I am open and willing to receive the highest good from my Highest Self. I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self."

Prior to your session, you can practice daydreaming and "using your imagination" so you can get to know and learn how information comes to you. Some people see images, some people hear information, others just know or feel information. A rare few smell or taste information. These are all ways that information comes to you! This is also how your Higher Self communicates with you.

Timing + Session information

Be prepared for your session to last ~3 hours. The first part (~1 hour) is dedicated to a conversation process with you where I get to know you, why you are seeking a session, and review of your questions. The second part (~2 hours) is dedicated to the healing and hypnosis.

*Your session is private - a place for you to feel safe and confident in the confidentiality of your information. No one else is allowed to be in the room during a session (this includes your spouse/friend/children/partner/etc.). If possible, try not to schedule anything after your session, as you will be in a nice, relaxed state and will want time to digest your experience.

What to eat + drink (water!)

Because your session can last ~4 hours, make sure you eat something light and healthy right before your session. Bring a snack with you for after the session - it will quench your hunger and also ground your energies.

Be sure to start drinking a lot of purified water starting a few days before your session (if you don't normally do) - get your 8 daily glasses in, or more! Ideally, start drinking a lot of water right now, the moment you have scheduled your session! Drink water the day of your session. Water opens up the communication between you and your Higher Self. Water = consciousness! 

Caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs

Caffeine: Try not to have any caffeine the day of the session, and drink a lot of water instead. If you must have caffeine, try to switch from coffee to tea or reduce the amount of coffee you would normally drink. This will allow you to go into a deeper state of relaxation.

No drugs or alcohol: Do not take any recreational drugs or alcohol the day/night before and the day of a session. This includes any pills that you may think will relax you. A session will not be conducted if a client seems to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter your state.

What to wear

Keep in mind that you will be lying down for a few hours during your Hypnosis session. Wear clothes that are comfortable, loose and non-constricting. A blanket will be provided, so wear something that will not make you overheat. Consider bringing socks if you would like.

Leave expectations at the door

Every session is as unique as the individual having it. Allow your Higher Self to take you on your journey, letting you know everything you need to know. Allow your experience to happen exactly as it is meant to happen, with no expectations. Be open to receiving anything that comes your way, and relax into the experience. In this line of work, it is better not to have expectations and instead just allow what is meant to happen, to happen. All answers come from within. Your Higher Self or Soul Self is within you. Or more accurately: you and your conscious mind exist within that Higher Aspect, not separate from it. Just go with the flow of the journey!

After your session

Your session will be recorded and I will send you a file via DropBox after the session. The reason for the recording is that you may find it hard to remember the entire session, as if it were a dream. In addition, the connection between you and your Higher Self is strongest for about 3 days after your session. It is recommended that you continue to listen to your recording for those 3 days (as well as on a regular basis afterwards) to get the most out of your Regression - receiving further insight and continued self-healing frequencies and vibrations. By listening to your recording regularly, you allow your conscious mind to align with your Higher Self / Subconscious mind - opening you up to consciously living your best and most purpose-filled life path.

Try not to schedule anything after your session. You will want to take some time in digesting in your experience.


Please keep in mind that a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session and connection with Higher Self or self-healing experience is based on your own belief system and thoughts. Your thoughts hold power and energy, like attracts like, and thoughts become things. If you do not believe in a "Higher Self" then it will not be revealed to you. Leave any expectations at the door, keep your thoughts in an open, relaxed, heart-filled space and be amazed at what is shown to you (this applies to everyday as well!). Everything happens for a reason. You are guided here for a reason. Trust your inner intuition and knowing.