How to Set and Launch Powerful Intentions for 2018 + FREE Workshop


The energy of 2018 will be one of awakening, renewal and realization. It is going to be a powerful year! To start, we're hitting the ground running as we enter into 2018 on the wave of a strong Super Moon. In fact, this will be the 2nd of a trilogy of Super Moons that are anchoring in the new year. The first Super Moon was on December 3, 2017, the second will be on January 1, 2018 and the last and supernatural Super Moon will be on January 31, 2018. The last Super Moon will be a supernatural Blue Moon - only occurring once every 2.5 years or so.

Because of the strong, culminating energy at the end of 2017, it's ever more important and necessary for you to be setting and making your intentions for 2018 before the new year. Why? Because these energies will be hitting around December 30 and 31st as the Moon steps into it's most powerfully energetic phase. This way, you'll be setting yourself up on the best possible trajectory to ride that wave of energy into 2018.

Making intentions can be a really powerful action! They are so much more than just writing down a few words on a piece of paper! When done correctly, your intentions have the ability of powerfully manifesting into your reality in perfect timing. When you make strong intentions at the beginning of the year, it sets your entire year in motion and you energetically lay the foundation bricks down, ready to be realized into your reality.

Setting and launching powerful intentions involves:

Cleansing and clearing energy that no longer serves you.

This includes any blockages you may have in your energetic or emotional body, as well as releasing anything physical that no longer serves you. How do you expect to bring new energy and things into your life if you are surrounded by clutter?

Energetically aligning with your intentions.

The Universe does not speak in any written language. This is why intentions are so much more than writing down a few words on a piece of paper. You need to align you energy up with that which you desire in order to bring it into your life.

Trusting in the process.

When you launch your intentions into the Universe, you must trust that they are being received by the Universe. You must allow it to go through the process it needs to in order to manifest for you. When you launch intentions with trust, then you are backing your intentions with a much more powerful energy. When you launch your intentions in doubt, then it cancels it out.


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